Zwift comptability with BH Fitness

can someone tell me if the i.AIRMAG H9122I from BH Fitness is compatible with zwift ?
I did a short test with companion but it seems the bike is not detected. Maybe there is a tips ?

(according to the documentation it’s compatible with applications such as Zwift

It looks like the H9122I has some kind of Bluetooth functionality (not sure what it can be used for) but the H9122IZ is the model that supports Bluetooth FTMS and would be likely to integrate with Zwift.

@Roberto_Viola wrote an app called QZ ( that can be used to bridge some spin bikes to Zwift when they aren’t fully compatible. He might be able to tell you if that model is supported.

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send me a nrfconnect screenshot about it (nrfconnect is a free app on the store) to roberto.viola83 at and i will help you!

thank you @Roberto_Viola and @Paul_Southworth for your answers. I’ve dowloaded the app on my iPhone and then i’ve successfully connected my zwift.
But it’s not a solution I want to conserve in time, i’ll check how to do it on my Macbook.

I also need to find how to increase the power because I cannot shift speeds.

qz is also available for mac silicons. let me know on github if you have any questions