Roadfeel bug in Richmond with Tacx Neo


there is a bug in Richmond, the cobblestone effect is switching to tarmac (so no roadfeel) but the road is still cobblestone in Zwift as before , from N Meadow Street till to the First English Lutheran Church (apprx 600m).

here is the map , the blue line is the faulty segment:


@Andras_Lukoviczki_93 IIRC this was changed in the latest update, the cobbles on the flat were changed to brick:

I see bricks on that section since the upgrade but the roadfeel on my Tacx Neo is still cobbles until near the end of the brick stretch and then it smooths out.

Maybe i wrote it wrong, the road surface is brick for this entire part (blue line) in the Zwift, but from N Meadow St till to the right turn (where is the church) the brick roadfeel is stopped suddenly and switched to normal (yellow part) but visually it is still the same road surface as was before.( the direction is counterclockwise, i dont know in clockwise direction the situation is the same or not, i didnt try it)

I’m using ANT+ and 1.0.45663 is the latest version… Maybe it is only ANT+ bug or only Neo1 related or Win bug, but it exists for sure :slight_smile:

I can vouch for it; same for me, on that stretch no bricksroadfeel though graphics show bricks (Neo 2T, firmware 34)

Also glitch on roadfeel at the fountain in Italian village towards volcano. Only sound of gravel or dirt, no feel

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The ‘fountain pave’ glitch appears to be related to this being a ‘transition zone’ if you choose to head toward the volcano. It is fine if you head toward the bridge sprint. Still a glitch, for sure, but I’ve noted is stops immediately after you pass the sign/last opt out to head toward the volcano.

I have ridden a number of times since the recent update on the “Fan Flat” Richmond route.

The cobbles work with road feel and Zwift sound from when they start, through the sprint arch and just up to the sprint marker for the sprint in the other direction. Then, while the cobbles are still on the ground for quite a long distance the Zwift sound of riding on cobbles vanishes for me as does the Tacx NEO road feel.

I’m on Tacx Neo 2 and rode the Jungle / Inca route on Watopia at the weekend. When you area heading back over the wooden rope bridge I didn’t get any sense of ground surface texture until I’d left the bridge and got back on dirt trail, and then it only lasted for a few seconds. The only thing I’ve changed (which I’m considering reversing) is that I’ve moved from Ant+ to Bluetooth 5 (Windows 10, Intel i5 hexacore / GTX1650 OC) in the last few weeks and road feel seems affected in a number of places for lag and consistency. Again I got the same in Italian Village as reported above. Will switch back to Ant+ and report back any difference in characteristics.

The recent Zwift update did affect the road feel in certain places, but I also noticed the symptoms you mention before the update, but usually when there were a lot of riders around me, such as a group ride or race.

Your change to Bluetooth may have also affected the response from your trainer to your PC and may be causing the lag…just thinking out loud.

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Same with me.

I’m on NEO 2T, using BT and there is absolutely same problem with road feel that @Andras mentioned and screenshooted.

Yep noticed that tonight it’s just after the sprint finish banner

I noticed the same thing. Road feel over the cobbles was accurate prior to the update. Neo 2.