Road to Sky

Hi - what is the “6” mean when running Road to Sky. It was like a hologram on the side - a large number 6 - but when i ran past it nothing happened - so wondering what it was?

The alp used to be level locked which was reduced to level 6 in 2020 during the pandemic.

thanks - good to know.

And I think reduced to 0 now.

and is there a Yeti?

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There is indeed.

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Look to the left on section 6 after the tents, on top off the rock at corner 5 and at corner 4 :slightly_smiling_face:
It “only” took me +500 Alpes before I saw “him” for the first time. Now I’ve learned where ( and when… there seems to be some kind of schedule :thinking: ) to look and spots him from time to time.

Corner 5 seems to be the rarest spot, but also the best, since he often does a small “dance” before falling down from the rock :grin:



+500 Alpes! I’m still working on 25! Kudos!

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If I’ve told him once I’ve told him a million times not to exaggerate.

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@BooX! This comment needs to be in the Easter-Egg thread, with pics!

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Boo gives good advice - in 63 ADZs I’ve only seen Yeti twice, both times on the section after the tents on the left side.

However he had been very elusive after that. I wonder if you need to run highest graphic settings as well (I use 1440p usually).

Don’t press ride on at all, it does nothing. You just have to ride ADZ daily. That’s really the only way.

I think the key is that, from the start of the climb, every time you pass/are passed by another rider, you have to hit the ‘Ride On’ audio button at least five times. I don’t think there’s an upper limit, so best to just hit that button as many times as you can. All the noise is what calls the Yeti to you.

This is absolutely legit information that I got from reliable sources. Ignore what anyone else might have said. the Ride On button is the unlock here. Word.

(Note that the I’m Toast button does not work. Yetis do love toast, but they are smart enough to not fall for that obvious ruse. They know cyclists are not really toast.)



I’ve done about 50 ADZ, and still haven’t seen the yeti (on iPad Pro - not sure if graphics makes any difference). That said, most things above the 7th last switchback become pretty blurry for me to begin with normally, so that could be the reason.

Edit: I wonder if you hang out at a normal yeti spot for long enough if it will just eventually show up, and how long the yeti rotation is if that is the case.

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The Travel Channel would like to talk to you about a pilot TV show concept…

3 Likes did it already, he has it on youtube

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No Josh Gates neck scarf though, won’t get the same ratings.

Can someone do a live stream and we can all sit and watch for hours and hours!


The more important item in this video is how, HOW, did this rider stop on a -11% grade? I am guessing that TD must be set pretty low?

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Maybe they just did a U-Turn?

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