The Yeti in Alpe Du Zwift

(* ADZ*Minyana NEO) #1

It is said that the Yeti has been seen between turns 6 and 7 of “Alpe Du Zwift”.
It is true? Has anyone seen him?

(Zee Kryder) #2

got a look at him, briefly on Richmond course


(Garrett Shaw) #3

Confirmed. Positive encounter last night! ALMOST took a picture, but it was too steep of a grade to get a decent pic at the time.

(Steven Gilbert (PACK)) #4

Is it between turn 6 and 7 counting from the bottom, or per the corner labels? Never seen it.

(Steven Gilbert (PACK)) #5

@Zee - surely that’s Bigfoot, not the Yeti?

(Megz Birck) #6

Not sure if this is the same thing Garrett saw but close to turn 6&7 from the top, it cleverly looks like a yeti from afar, but once approached it is just 2 tree with a tall rock in between.

(Steven Gilbert (PACK)) #7

I’ve seen the rock and 2 branches (at turn 9 if I remember), but people have spoken about seeing an actual Yeti.

I went up yesterday and didn’t spot it anywhere, and I was looking from every camera angle.

(Garrett Shaw) #8

This thing was moving and clearly wasn’t trees or rocks. I half expected it to toss some boulders down the mountain or something as I rode past. i was too much in the pain cave to realize what was happening at the time, though.

(Mark Osterkamp) #9

Garrett, check the contents of your water bottles…

(* ADZ*Minyana NEO) #10

Well, I’ve already had a few climbs, I’m going to get fit looking for it … and many others as a spectator, and I still have not seen it.
I begin to doubt his existence.
There is no graphic test? :slight_smile:


(Jamie Parr) #11

Me and my wife saw the Yeti yesterday!

Just earlier when we went passed the Yeti sign on the way up we said to each other that there should be a real Yeti somewhere high on the mountain that popped up as you rode past.

Then on the descent on the way back down there he was. We didn’t see him for long, but he was bright blue in colour and he was lumbering down the mountain. He was on the right hand side as we were descending and he just a touch higher on the mountain compared to the spot that has all the orange tents set up. He was basically heading straight for the tents.

My wife achieved the Queen of the Mountain jersey for Alpe de Zwift on that climb. This QOM jersey funnily enough had a picture of the Yeti on the back pocket. 

I wonder if seeing the Yeti was a reward for getting the QOM jersey up Alpe de Zwift. 

Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere.

(Zee Kryder) #12

A blue tent? lol that’s a terrible lie. Altitude hallucination.

(* ADZ*Minyana NEO) #13

 Reality or fiction ?
As much as I’ve searched, I have not seen it yet

(Vincent W.) #14

(* ADZ*Minyana NEO) #15

What do you mean by that image?