Alpe du Zwift - Corner 12

Did a few Alpes lately - three days ago before the last update and then today. Noticed that there is something strange going on in corner 12 - when ascending it shows an additional PR bot in the riders list with a really strange name. Then when turning the corner there is an arch, but one that looks like the ones from Workouts. A few meters in front of the arch a PR bot is parking, waiting on a trainer. When passing the arch it credits a power-up.
When descending the same arch is in the same location. A PR bot is waiting and starts riding when I reach him. I then get a leaderboard and anytime for this „segment“. Oh, and a power-up.
None of this was there three days ago.

Anybody else noticed the same?

It’s the Yeti. Got a trainer too.

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I wish :rofl: have never spotted him before. Trying hard

The dear creature doesn’t get ANT+ up and running. So it only lurks around.