Desperately Seeking Yeti

I’m the owner of the Epic Run Crew club. We have a group run on Sundays called “Epic Run Crew: Search for Yeti”. It’s on the Road to Sky route, which includes the habitat of the legendary and elusive Zwift Yeti. We tout the run as a chance to possibly see the Yeti. However, after many weeks, we still have never seen the Yeti. It’s frustrating!

To the Zwift Development Team: Can you please change the code to increase the probability of seeing the Yeti during that particular group run? Thanks!

To anyone reading this, please leave a comment and also upvote this suggestion? Thanks!


That’s part of the mystique, you need to go up ADZ daily and even then not always seeing yeti.

There are apparently some tricks but they are well guarded. I don’t know of them.

In a year I saw yeti twice only. With many laps of ADZ.

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I’m considering myself nothing else than the “Yeti Pro spotter”… :grin:

If you’re trying to spot him in an event, like a group run/ride or meet-up, I don’t think I’ll never heard about him showing.

You might want to check my reply in another thread.:



Have you tried collectively shouting “Susan” three times? :wink:

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My avatar will move faster with a Yeti in sight.

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Why does it have to be so RARE to see the Yeti!!! On another note, Im only level 33, but I bet all the level 60 Zwifters would be more excited if there were 100 levels in Zwift……just saying