Alpe Du Zwift stuff to fix

  1. There is a road glitch right before the bridge after the first little ascent when choosing the road to sky path. You can see the horizontal line across the road where the tiles don’t line up

  2. What does the PR graph mean per section, it makes no sense?

  3. The stages are numbered wrong. Where is stage Zero? You get done with stage 1 and still have a mystery .5 miles?

  4. At one point the side of the road says 12 turns which isn’t close to being true (I know nitpicking…)

  5. Stage 6 is a disaster, it is clear it was supposed to be two stages with the big turn in the middle that would make it around .3 miles each

  6. Color code the stage numbers on the left side of the screen like you do the map for difficulty. The map often isn’t in view and you can’t see the difficulty coming up

  7. After each stage, flash up the +/- from your PR for that stage. That helps us track how far off pace we are especially since you don’t have the ghost feature.

Yes, would be a good idea to know it.

This one probably the copy of the real one from Alpe d’Huez, so all the stages are as close as possible to the reality.


This could be real cool feature to see the +/- time vs PR after each section and not only on the section, but also overall time vs PR on the whole Alpe distance.