Riders Nearby nameplate glitch [AppleTV] [tvOS] [1.43] [SOLVED]

Same here, can’t believe something like this happens in a new roll out.

Some riders have their name tag displaying as it should though… weird.

The older atv on the left has a scrambled line underneath the name tag. The newer-ish atv on the right has these scrambled boxes.

Apart from that everything works fine…

On Apple TV

Overheard on Facebook: fix for this coming next week

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Hi folks, thank you for reporting this issue. @Paul_Southworth’s comment is correct - we have a fix for this coming in the next game release which we plan to have out later next week. Thanks for your patience as we fixed this one.


Yesterday nameplates was fixed during ride (Ipad). Maybe it was server side issue?

My AppleTV is doing the same thing still as of 7/13 - I already tried to uninstall and reinstall before coming to look for information. That didn’t solve the problem. Guess it’s a wait for a fix.

See photo getting black box with white graphics above riders since most recent update ?

This is a known issue and should be fixed next week with the new release. 1.44

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Ok thanks, - just been in touch with support and they didn’t know about it - hopefully you are right / it just appears to me on the Robo pacer rides and on iPad

It’s due to be fixed in 1.44 next week.

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Ok thanks James - perhaps let your other staff know as I’ve just spent over an hour with one of your support crew trying to resolve the issue on chat !

Sorry John

Fonts on “workout plates” are glitched in the same way, FYI :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone seen these cryptic looking text above riders heads. These popped up during my entire ride tonight.
Funny part. There was a rider named HACKERS on the ride. :joy: :thinking: :man_shrugging:t3:

Are you using Apple TV?

Known bug. Should be fixed in a few days with the next release.

The hackers is just somebody’s name or nick name and not indicative of anything sinister

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Hey all - be advised that Zwift game v 1.44 fixes this glitch.
Phased rollout for iOS and tvOS begins tomorrow July 20. Please update in the Apple App Store at your earliest opportunity.


I can confirm it was fixed for me on 1.44 on ATV when I rode earlier, thanks.

Think it’s fixed :smile: I forgot to specifically check. But since the only thing I noticed of note was that the moving gradient in the top right could use some work, I guess the nameplate glitch is fixed. I’ll double check next ride. As for the gradient thing, the proportions seem off. For example, blue would look long, but end up being like 2s. I noticed this a couple times but didn’t really stop to really figure out if it was me or Zwift.