Riders disappearing - again

Hi Guys. Joined the C pace partner this morning, and as soon as the pedal assist stopped, I was all alone on the road, no other riders. Then about 30 secs later, everyone appeared again, although I was now 10 secs behind the pack. Took me a good 3-4 mins to get back on. Same thing happened two days ago in TdZ St1. Although the riders returned much quicker on that occasion. Is it just a glitch, as my fibre connection is pretty solid, or something you are aware of? Both rides were done at 06:00 SAST

Riders disappearing (as opposed to only having bikes - and no riders) is a sign of connectivity issues.

Do check your ride’s log with Zwiftalizer .

Sjo, thanks for the link, lots of info there!! Seems it was a network issue, first encounter with it, almost died trying to catch back up. But looking on Zwitalizer, it says: Old version detected . This log is from game client version 1.0.60639 which is different from the current game client version 1.0.60474
Normally Zwift updates automatically. Are you aware of anywhere I can force an update?

Zwift updates on its own on Windows - but not on Android (not sure about other platforms…)

As this is Android, it depends on you phone’s setting (Play Store.)

Best to manually check for updates apps once in a while, or set to automatically update.


60474 is still the latest version for Windows. Zwiftalizer doesn’t know when the version numbers vary for different OS’s. This forum thread is updated when we release new versions.

I do like the various fixes that Zwiftalier suggests. Here are some more from the Zwift side of things