Riders disappear behind RideOn thumb and leader beacon

Why is it that riders disappear behind the RideOn thumb (leaving only the bike on its own), and both disappear behind the leader yellow beacon? Screenshots below showing behind the RideOn, but couldn’t capture a decent one behind leader beacon.


Hi Steven!

Try checking to see if you need to update your graphics drivers. 

Hi Josie, 


I have experienced the same thing, I know my drivers are up to date. 

I thought this was normal. 

Hi Josie.

Yes drivers are up to date and PC is way above recommended spec. I have a NVidia 1080 dedicated graphics card. Are there any recommended settings best for Zwift?

@Gerrie, good that I’m not alone.


My apologies all. It turns out that this is not a graphics issue, and has been this way. Sorry about that confusion!