Off Road Riding

(Craig Martin) #1

Came back to Zwift after about a week away from it, using Mac version, app updated prior to start, all good - but whereas there’s only once in the past in all my rides I’ve seen trick riders caught doing loops in the roads, I saw maybe 5 or 6 riders do that tonight. Also, with more riders on the road, I found myself ran off the road and on to the grass verge and through the building wall in the sprint finish to the lap - of course, minor graphic quirks that don’t spoil gameplay but I didn’t see that happen before.

(Craig Pate) #2

Yes…since about the time the Mac version went beta, I’ve noticed riders all over the place throughout the course. Today it was fairly early in the ride but there was a rider that kept popping up out of nowhere then disappearing then reappearing five or six times.

(Brendan Cheshire) #3

I think this could be an issue related to some peoples slower internet connections, I have seen a similar thing on the old Mario cart on the Wii played over the internet.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #4

Riders that are all over the course typically have some kind of network issue and/or low frame rate with a sub-par graphics card.

(Craig Pate) #5

Greg…Are you saying then, its the rider that’s all over the place…their system is low? Not the viewer’s problem, correct?

(J P. Miller) #6

I admit to having a sub-par system at this point. I have a new graphics card on the way.

There are times when I am all over the place due to my system, usually around corners at high speed.

Friday, however, was the first time I was on the island with big crowds and got to be part of the group. When I was part of the group, I noticed a significant lag in frame rate and other riders in the group appeared to be all over the place, bouncing back and forth while I was trying to stay in their draft, etc. Then as that was happening, one of the other riders in the pack messaged me saying “looks like you need a graphics upgrade”

So…with poor graphics cards, it can look like it is other people having trouble but it is really you, especially with lots of other riders around you.

(Craig Pate) #7

I have a pretty high end graphics card and have never experienced my own rider doing anything out of the ordinary. But I do occasionally see other riders going off course. I’ll keep an eye on when these come up…how many riders on screen, etc. I know my card is well above anything that Zwift recommends. So my question still remains, can we view another rider’s poor graphics card display when our own is fine? ZSupport?

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #8

Yes, it’s typically NOT the viewer’s issue but the erratic rider on sub-standard equipment.

That said, sometimes the game server will restart itself. When that happens, all the riders will head off the the road and the rider list will disappear then rebuild again on restart.