Rider Score not awarded during a long Zwift ride

Good day,

I wish to report an anomaly with a Zwift ride which I undertook on Sunday 4th. April 2021. I wonder if anyone has encountered similar, and if the problem was successfully resolved?

I rode 117 km (73 miles) on Zwift. I called the ride “Virtual Tour of France - Petit Boucle route, including Ven-Top”. The moving time during this ride was 5h 18m, so it was a long ride in the saddle for me. When I checked the Drops and the Rider Score afterward, I found that no Rider Score had been recorded. The value was still the same as the previous ride.

I feel that there is a substantial loss of Rider Scores which will factor into a significant delay in my ability to level up to the next level (34). In fact, by my calculations, I should have acquired at least 4,887, and not 0!

Anyone else encountered similar?


Paul Potter

If you search the forum you are likely to find many instances of similar situations. The most common factor, though certainly not the only, is when the user has logged in to Zwift on multiple devices, but not logged out the same number of times. Do you use the Zwift app on multiple devices, by any chance?

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Thanks Nigel.

I am aware that some anomalies like this do happen when this occurs, but it was not the case on this occasion. I always ensure I am never logged in on more than one application - for the simple reason you have highlighted.