Rider score points

Hello, I am disappointed, today i ride 34,5km and then starts ride in group ride and ride 54,1km, when game ask save what i ride, it save only 54,1km, it mean i lose 34,5km or 680 rider score points. Its disappointing to lose a rider score points. I get only not 1080, not 1760 points. Is it problems and not possible to save rider score points when in game you start new event???

LOL , go and look in your  log you see that your have 34.5 list as well.  when you start group or race, it start new file.   you got your XP

I have kinda the same problem, new user - 6 days as of today, I’ve done 4 rides that totals 68 miles and 3:45 ride time - which show up on my 7 & 30 day log but on my profile it only shows 50 miles and 2:43 ride time - it’s like it’s missing one ride (looks like my 3 ride) - how can I get the total on my profile be accurate?

I got ridden km, but not xp points.


You are on level 19, so you must be getting XP.

Ainars is correct! You really loose the points that you earned during the warmup ride. All other statistics are correctly updated, but points are lost. I submitted a ticket with screenshots attached.

So basically - if you don’t want to loose the XP that you collected during the warmup ride, before joining the event save the warmup ride manually, quit the Zwift and re-enter.


Zwift acknowledged that there is a bug. If you don’t want to loose the points you earned before event starts you should log out and log in before you join the event.