11 kms missing from ride

Hi, just wanted to know if it is a normal occurrence Kilometers missing from a ride.

Hi @Bernhard_Gurra, welcome to the forums.

No, not at all! It can happen if you have data dropouts though. What happened?

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I completed 26km ride and once I completed my ride only registered 15 kms. No problem see how I go tomorrow. Thank you for your info, much appreciated.

Grab some screen shots as you go on your next ride so if the activity shows it short but pics show otherwise, it might help with where to look for the problem. Also let us know what your setup is.

If all the other riders disappear and you’re alone in the world, that’s one sure sign of connection issues.

I have a possible solution but it may be that I have just found a coincidence and used it to fit your situation.

I see from your activity that you have only had two rides on Zwift:
1st Ride 10.9km in 21 mins 59 secs
2nd ride 15.4km in 48 mins 9secs

In total these are a total of 26km and this is what shows on your Activity Summary

I may just have found a coincidence but I wonder whether you looked at this report and thought this was the distance of your second ride as opposed to the distance of your two rides.

I notice from one of your pictures, on your second ride, that you were around 3km short of your 25km iOS/tvOS/android free trial. I wonder whether on your second ride you rode until the end of your free trial. If you immediately stopped I imagine the 26km is in fact the total of your two rides and not the distance of your second ride.