Rider/object shadows randomly disappear [Oct 2022]

We’re supposed to just find out for ourselves I guess. But yeah, on a quick test there was a bit on Watopia where I could trigger it every time that seems to not be doing it any more. Hopefully resolved.

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Couple of rides on Makuri and Watopia for me and it seems fixed on 1.32.x. Be nice to be told like, but a relief anyway.


I haven’t noticed anymore it in the latest update either.

Hi all,
riding without HUD in Yumezi I noticed strange things like entire trees or buildings appearing or disappearing in the background or at the horizon. The foreground close to the rider is always OK.
I run a i7-12700F / RTX3070 with typical FPS around 80-120 with an ultra profile, changing a variety of graphics setting in nvidia didn’t change anything. So is it my system or settings, or is Zwift’s game engine giving no priority on items in the far distance which usually would by covered by the HUD?


Depends exactly where you mean, but this kind of thing is very common in Zwift and almost certainly nothing to do with your setup or configuration.

Example: Entire buildings disappear in Crit City

Thanks, Dave, looks like the same issue. Since I like the countrysite it is trees from the treeline at the horizon that come and go. It kind of breaks the immersion when it happens and I hoped my graphics setting might have caused it.


Makuri is terrible on the latest update, see it what’s like when they hopefully sort it. But chances are it’ll be the same.

I’ve been getting buildings disappearing and appearing quite a lot on different worlds recently. Had put it down to my potato of a pc and internal graphics though.

Happens in Yorkshire, London, Innsbruck and Bologna

Possibly related to (or exacerbated by) the shadow flickering issue.

Not sure I’ve seen that?

For me the buildings in the distance don’t appear initially but then pop up as I get nearer.

Yep, same as my trees on Makuri…

That’s normal, it’s a level of detail thing to reduce load. The draw distance is greater on higher profiles. The shadow flickering is in theory a totally separate issue, I just wondered if it could be related.

The only really weird thing I’ve seen recently was on Yorkshire; there was literally nothing in the distance out of the pen (off the hill). Then it all appeared. Never seen that since it was launched.

Annoying to reduce load on a system where both CPU and GPU running without effort. Wish they had more flexibility there.

Welcome to Zwift.

This is definitely not something I have seen before, whole sections of buildings are missing in the distance and then appear. Happens in the same places. Sounds a bit like what you described but happens in the same places on the map for me.

Riding in Urukazi today, the trees were dissolving and shape-shifting. As you approached them, initially deciduous/leafy trees first started to dissolve/speckle/pizzelate and then shae-shiftef as you got nearer into palm trees! :rofl:

I doubt it is relevant but I am on ipad Pro, iPadOS, latest version of both the OS and of Zwift itself (updated yesterday and checked for updates before ride today).

Screenshots below of the sequence, with the area I’m trying to highlight “zoomed”/superimposed to make it clearer. It seemed to happen persistently (across multiple laps) and also for all trees.

I have to say this one did amuse me… but is still ridiculous :sweat_smile:


I noticed similar on AppleTV, can’t recall if the trees changed to palm trees or just disappeared but it was definitely noticeable as I approached them.

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I’ve seen a lot of weird things in Zwift but this one about took the biscuit :sweat_smile:

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I’m not sure that some of the things merged together here are all related? Unless we’re just grouping all weird graphical stuff together?