Entire buildings disappear in Crit City

Observed on multiple Windows 10 PCs running Zwift. Two entire buildings disappear and reappear on Crit City; one on the left after the esports arena, the other also on the left at the top of the KOM, just after the banner. Appears to be the same building style with the white render feature to the ground floor in each instance. Screenshots below from a stream last night, so game is on the latest version. Timestamped videos included too, though not sure they’ll work embedded.

Building #1

Building #2

Possibly, an artifact of Zwift’s graphics engine rendering algorithm: a decision is made which objects (=buildings, etc.) to render based on rendering complexity and available CPU/GPU processing power (=frames per second).

It does make building disappear at times, then re-appear (and am not sure I follow the logic…)

Have you noticed bikes/riders disappearing from a (big…) group ride? Same idea.

It does it on my 1660 at 50fps in 4K so I’m unconvinced it’s a resource problem. Just a bug with that building model.

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It’s a feature with a built-in bug… :slight_smile:

If you can notice buildings in Crit city then you are not going hard enough. LOL

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Sounds like something an Apple TV fan would say. :wink:

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Still the same. Two months down.

Four months.

See you again in January Dave.

Seven months.