Rider keeps stopping!

hi I’m now getting into this but my rider takes ages to start moving then stops and goes all the time .

i have a good WiFi but the internet is rubbish is this the reason ? I want to join swift but it’s no good if I can’t move lol 

Are you using ANT+ ? Likely your connections are dropping out if so. Check out the following article. The main one is to have your ANT+ stick right up close to your power source e.g. smart trainer.


Try a different USB port as well. Another tips is if you’re running Windows is to go into the device manager and under Universal Serial Bus Controllers, click on all of the USB root hubs, right click to get the properties and under power management uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.

Make sure to have your ANT+ stick covered in plastic so it doesn’t get sweat on it.