Ride saves and uploads but all time stats are not saving

Since last week, I’ve had 3 rides (all in Watopia) that saved as complete files and uploaded to strava and TP successfully. However, the stats for these rides are not saving to my Zwift account. They show up in the “last seven days” section but not the “all time” section.

I’ve been stuck on 46000m or so of climbing. I should have the TRON bike by now. I have submitted a ticket but no one seems to know whats going on. Is anyone else experiencing these issues? 

The XP points are saving, however. The reason for this issue doesn’t make much sense.


We’re currently looking into a string of similar cases where rides with significant elevation gains don’t seem to be recording properly. Once we find the cause, we’ll be patching it ASAP.

If anyone else has experienced this issue, please submit a ticket via bit.ly/zwiftsupport and send your logs.


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Today I rode 4.5 hours. I broke it up into 2 rides to see if the 2 shorter rides would save. The first one, was 2 hours and I climbed 800m. It saved to the all time stats fine. The second was 2.5 hours and about 700m of climbing. This ride, did not save. I thought the issue was only occurring in Watopia but it is also happening in London.