Tour of Watopia Upload Problems

Hi there. I have lost two Tour of Watopia rides in the last week or so - stage 1 on 1 April and stage 2 on 7 April. I have managed to recover to upload to Strava, but I am missing XP, level increases etc on Zwift. Anyone else having issues?

We will need more info.

Guide to Getting Useful Support?


Thanks. I have got the fit files on my laptop and managed to upload to Strava, but despite getting all the banners (level up, route badges, XP etc) after pressing save they didn’t make it on to my Zwift account.

I have just finished stage 3 and that has uploaded.

That is usually due to network issues, you can put your log file in and see how your network perform.

I have also a suspicion that if you stop and save at the finish banner with a few hundred people it get congested on the uploading network. My suggestion will be to ride a more before saving.