Ride not showing

Hi There,
My rides are not showing on Companion app or strava.

Despite saving the rides and marking them as public they do not show. My XP is accruing but nothing else is logging.

Only started playing up last week. Any thoughts?

What platform are you running Zwift on?

Have you tried looking for your activities on my.zwift.com (web browser)?

Also, some people with private profiles (same as yours) have mentioned they cant see their activities from the Home screen on CA but can see them if they look at their CA Activities list that are listed under the profile stats. Worth trying that.

No widely known Strava issues floating around that I’ve seen so re-establishing your connection should sort that out going forward (once the activities are found that is!)

How long are the rides? Rides of less than around 2km aren’t saved by Zwift.

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Windows Pro 10.

Have been running swift on this for a couple of years, but since the last big Zwift update my rides are not being recorded?

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Thanks Steve, rides are generally 60min in duration or at least 30km

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Thanks Dean. Not appearing on web version either.
I will uninstall and reinstall zwift then reconnect my strava etc. Hopefully that does the trick.

Thats really odd - even activities where people have network issues still leave evidence of some description in the Activities list. Good luck … circle back with an update if you can Ben.