Ride is missing from Zwift Companion iOS App & macOS App + Other issues

(Chris Doss [V] PACK) #1

I did the Everything bagel course on NYC this afternoon, and just realized my ride is not showing up on the Zwift companion iOS app or the macOS app. It’s not in my activity and the miles have not been added toward my weeklygoal.

When I was riding I noticed that all the riders had the same bike/kit.
Riders names were not being displayed and many had empty chat bubbles.
Zwift gave me credit for completing the Worlds Challenge while I was riding but when I login now New York is not complete. After my ride my data was not uploaded to Strava so I manually had to upload the file.

Can someone please fix this? Do I need to send the activity file? There are screenshots below of the riders and nameless riders.

(Steven) #2

Hi Chris,

What you’ve encountered in Zwift typically happens when your app gets disconnected from the Internet during your ride, your app gets disconnected from the internet while trying to save your ride activity, or your app crashes before you’re able to save your ride. Zwift can’t upload your .fit file to the servers in any of these cases.

It looks like you’ve already discovered that you can manually upload the .fit files from your local device for the purpose of getting the ride activities to third-party partner sites like Strava, so that’s good to hear.

We have a Zwift Support article on partial rides which may help you to prevent this problem from continuing to occur with regularity: “My Ride Didn’t Upload: Partial Save, Malformed Fit Files​​.​”

I’m sorry to say that the Zwift Support team doesn’t have the ability to credit your account for the missing progress due to the technological limitation of not having an admin tool that allows us to do so.