Ride in km on summary, miles in detail screen (website)

When I view my activity feed, using any browser with zwift website, the units for my rides align with my profile preferences. In this case metric.

When I click on any of my rides to view the details, see the map, graphs, etc the units change to imperial.

This behaviour is not present when viewing rides in ZCA. The ride information is correct and complete so this is not an upload or connection or fit file issue. It is simply that the ride units and values are being displayed in imperial units.

I used the Email Now option to contact support but got Ambassadors instead. One assured me that he had forwarded this to Zwift Support but to date I have not received any confirmation or acknowledgement.

Click on a ride and in the ride summary on the right below Distance, Moving Time, etc is Average and Max Speed. That Average Speed is different than if you click Analysis and view the Average Speed to the left of the ride speed profile. For example the ride summary avg speed say 15.7 mph, whereas the analysis avg speed says 16.1 mph (not an insignificant difference).

January 2022 - problem still exists. Bit annoying.

Just Zwift being Zwift, deaf and bug-ridden

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