Ride Duplication in Apple Health

This one is driving me bonkers!
I can’t figure out how to prevent rides being duplicated (thus doubling up on figures) in Apple health. Currently, every ride show up as a Strava Ride and a Zwift companion ride.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to turn off the duplication bearing in mind, I will still need to use Strava to record outside rides?

Probably worth a mention that I use an Apple Watch for HR purposes.

I assume you’ve got Zwift linked to Strava, so you could just disconnect that.


Your outdoor rides shouldn’t be affected as they don’t go via Zwift.

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I could, but then I lose Zwift rides showing up in Strava, which I want to keep as well. :frowning_face:

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Perhaps you could break the Zwift connection to Apple Health? I don’t know if that’s done by the watch as I’m not an Apple user.

and I need that to use the Apple Watch with Zwift. Told you it was driving me bonkers! :rofl:

Best way is to buy a heart rate strap and use that instead. :wink:

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Why not turn off the Strava connection in Apple Health? That way, there isn’t a duplicate feed. Zwift feeds Strava and Zwift feeds Health. Health uses Apple Watch for HR.

Then you need to manually upload to Strava non zwift activities. Anyway it’s what I do with the Garmin Fenix

but then Strava won’t feed into Apple Health when I’m using Strava on outside rides.

not really a fix though is it?

You will need to contact apple and ask them to fix the interface so it knows when duplicate rides is uploaded and only use the first one.

Or just link one stream to Apple - If you link only strava you will get your Zwift and outdoor rides.

Or just delete one of them after the ride.

Or get a HR strap as Daren suggested.

I don’t thing it is a zwift problem but a Apple problem.

yup I have no doubt it’s an Apple issue but was hopeful someone else had the same issue and was able to resolve. I’ll just have to put up with it I guess :+1:

In the Health app you can dis-allow Zwift to write workout data to the Health app. This will avoid duplicates and the only problem you have is that your Strava activity will be called an “Outdoor” ride even tho it was indoor. You can fix that after by logging into Strava on the web and editing the ride adding the tag “Indoor cycling”. Then when you refresh the ios Strava app your workout will show correctly in Health as an indoor ride.

@Ydna did you ever find the answer to this problem?
I originally didn’t have this issue even though zwift was linked to strava in the first instance and both linked to Apple health. Only zwift used to record as workout in the Apple health. But noticed today the double syncing with a strava and zwift badge next to the workout.
Read this thread and can see it’s going to drive me mad, hope you can save my sanity. :slight_smile:

No I didn’t - I basically turned off Strava writing to Apple Health which sort of resolves it.
I’ve now just given up using the Apple app altogether so the watch is effectively an expensive HR monitor these days! :roll_eyes:
Let me know if you manage to sort it though! :+1:

There also seems to be an apple-swift bug when doing workouts
Each section of the workout is stored as a separate lap
But instead of the lap duration, the apple health app shows the accumulated distance to that point !

So at the end of the ride I get the last lap measuring the actual virtual distance and the given workout distance as the sum of all of the erroneous lap measurements… ie a lot more!

OMG! I have this same problem and it’s driving me nuts. Theoretically, this should NEVER happen as the Health app is designed to read workout data only once based on the PRIORITY ORDER of data sources listed in the Health app. What I think is happening is Zwift and Strava differ ever do slightly in the metrics for a workout. Specifically, I have noticed that the start times for the workouts differ by a few minutes when you look at Zwift (Companion App) and Strava. So I’m guessing the Health app thinks they’re separate workouts. WTF! How has this continued to be a problem for over 9 months!?

just got an apple watch last week. also have this issue
going to assume apple will fix this with an iOs update at some point?

So this what I have set in my Health settings on iPhone > Data access and devices

For strava - select all read and write
For zwift and companion app -> only select write for ‘heart rate and active energy’ , select all reads.

This way you can use you Apple watch for hr monitoring , sync with strava and have health report only once as it cannot write workouts anymore

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Thanks Naam. This was very helpful for me. Good idea.