Apple Health app double-counting Zwift ride data

I’ve been having issues with my Zwift ride data being double counted on Apple Health. After my ride, my Zwift Companion App shows me accurate distance ridden, but Apple Health always has numerous timestamps for each ride and then sums up all the distances. So when I go for a 25-mile ride on Zwift, Apple Health sums up each of the individual timestamps and my cycling distance on Apple Health is 189-miles (instead of 25). Is there a setting I need to adjust for the 2 apps to reflect the same data?

I’ve ensured all the software and firmware I’m using is fully up-to-date on all my apps devices. I use Zwift on my iPhone for my rides and have given permission to Apple Health to read/write data. The equipment I use is a Wahoo Kickr Core and Wahoo HR monitor. I do not use an Apple Watch or Apple TV.


Same issue for me

Same issue here

Same issue - recently discovered it has been going on for a couple months (I generally use Strava to monitor biking mileage, not Apple Health). I use my iPhone to run Zwift when using my Wahoo Kickr with Polar HR monitor. While I have multiple sources feeding the Apple Health app, the only data for the ride distance is coming via Zwift, not Strava.

same for me too - very frustrating

Same here it I don’t use a “third party app” or Companion. Apple’s reply to your issue didn’t have a solution.

Has anyone presented a solution to this?
Only way I could think of was to remove Zwift permissions to write to Health.

I just go into the cycling distance section of Apple Health and remove the excess entries in the show all data section.

It would be nice if it worked correctly though

hi Guys, just wondering any solution found for this bug?

Same to me. Very frustating!