Zwift reporting duplicate data to Apple Health [IOS]

Using Zwift app [1.60.0] on iPhone [IOS 17.3] for cycling. The app reports cycling distance and active energy to apple health, but the data is partially duplicated multiple times - so my totals for distance/energy appear massively inflated in the health data. Zwift seems to be reporting the data periodically during the ride, and then again at the end, but each data point contains all of the past distance/energy instead of just the distance/energy since the last report.

Attached is an example for cycle distance for a single 7.3km ride. But in the health app it appears as 15.9km due to Zwift reporting some of the distance travelled multiple times. The same thing happens with active energy. I can ‘fix’ it by deleting the duplicate/partial entries manually, but that’s extremely frustrating to have to do that every time.

I’m not using any kind of intermediate software/service (and I don’t want to have to just to work around this). Zwift is running on my iPhone and reporting the data directly to apple health on the same device. I’ve seen a few similar reports of this issue from 2021-22, but not found a fix (other than routing the data through some intermediary) or seen any official acknowledgement of the issue.