Zwift iOS app and tracking in apple health app

I have a problem with Zwift app on iOS and apple health tracking. All of my rides are sending data in 10 mins intervals but with same starting time and in the end it all adds up in apple health app. It is the same for calories and distance.

Lets say my 25mins ride starts at 17:00 and end at 17:25 with total 12,5km of ride.

  • it will send data at 17:10 with 5km, 10mins of ride and start-end time 17:00-17:10
  • then it will send data at 17:20 with 10km, 20mins of ride and start-end time 17:00-17:20
  • and last at 17:25 with 12,5km, 25mins of ride and start-end at 17:00-17:25

and it will all count together in Health app so the result is ride from 17:00-17:25 with 27,5km…

its really bad… did someone notice the same thing or found a fix for it?

I’m using latest Zwift app directly on iPhone 12 with latest iOS 16.0.2 without apple watch or 3rd party app connected.

Same here.
So my diets app thinks I r burnt 1000s of calories more than I have
The app is poor is many ways.
Descrepencies between plans in different views
Errors in the cycling guides

I have the same issue.

I’ve been using Zwift for over a year but I only just noticed this when using a third party app to view ‘cycling distance’ and saw that the kilometres cycled are completely out of whack with reality.

It was only then that I looked into the issue and realised that Zwift is also causing Apple health to over count my calories burned too! So I’m actually not meeting my daily targets in reality due to this, and this has been the case for some time!

Zwift, please fix the way data is sent to Apple Health so that the distance and calories burned are reported correctly!