Ride completed even though internet dropped for about 5 mins

Hi folks

I’ve completed the Uber Pretzel and invested 5+ hours. During the ride the internet dropped for about 5 mins and the app never rejoined. The ride completed, gave me the onscreen confirmation of 100 clicks and route complete now both are not showing in the badges nor on the ride list as completed… The ride is showing up in my history and on the climb challenge. I’ve emailed a request

Here is an example, @JamesBailey, why post-ride upload feature is relevant…

I thought loss of internet won’t affect the ride or ride credit as long as you reconnect with the server before you end the ride.
I’ve never performed this before so I’m not sure what the proper procedure is and how much it varies between platforms.
This might be an important process for all users (especially badge hunters) to be familiar with.
I agree, having a back up post ride up load can be a safety net.

This has been my experience, I’ve had short wifi drops while riding and the ride still saved at the end.

The OP said his never reconnected however…

Does the game on program , on computer, or app , on a phone, automatically connects when the signal is available / detected or does the user need to urge it to do so?
I’ve been lucky that I have never had this issue.
I did accidentally discover that my computer has a button to turn off the wifi (and disable the mouse pad)but I wasn’t Zwifting at the time.
Just all kinds of useless features designed to make the IT guys feel superior.
And yes I restart my computer and I hate how often that fixes my problem…

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mine has always automatically reconnected, on a PC windows 10.

The ride saved but didn’t give the badge. I emailed support and they saw the ride had been completed and updated the badges. I also did a screen shot of the ride completion on the PC. The Zwift were very quick to reply and sort it out. Great effort team Zwift