Returning my Zwift Hub

Zwift customer care worst I’ve ever known.

Started a return
Printed returns label
No idea what to do next?

Emailed Zwift and no response today.

If i was to hazard a guess I’d say you need to take it to a drop off point for whichever courier the label is arranged through?

That’s how it works in my mind.

You might be able to arrange a collection.

The label should have a tracking number as a reference?

Not trying to be a jerk, but…you really don’t have any idea what to do with the combination of an item you’re trying to return, and a label to return it with?

I think there’s more to the complication–what exactly is your confusion? Not sure whether you need to do something else before you return it? Not sure if you need to wait for more instructions, not sure what order to take certain steps?

I’ve printed the label out which it said would tell me where the drop off point was. But it doesn’t so I’ve tried live chat which doesn’t work and emailed Zwift

Do you know which courier is contracted? It’s likely written on the label somewhere. That way you could just use Google (or your favourite search engine) to find out the nearest drop-off point.

Any return label I’ve printed off has either come with a second page of instructions or the label is half a page and the instructions are on the other half.

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To be fair though OP, has a point. This forum seems to be full of people having problems with the zwift hub. Not being able to contact zwift is poor. A software company (with poor customer support anyway) selling hardware= recipe for disaster.

Gotcha, thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: Is it an unusual carrier? (I’ve had return labels from carriers like Spee-Dee, and had no idea where they were even located.)

As Colin said, Googling and a phone call would be my next step of course. But it does seem problematic that there wasn’t a set of instructions too. Usually the instructions I get are pretty simple, but there are times when the company wants such-and-such printed out and put in the box, and so-and-so printed out and taped on the outside of the box, etc.

I’d guess that boxing it up, sticking the label on, and bringing it to a dropoff point would work. But without instructions, I’d be adding a bunch of stuff inside the box–my email train, a printout of the Return Order, etc. (And you might want more than the guess of some dude on the internet.)

Did they give you an RMA number? If so, write that on every surface of the box, and print it out and stick the printout inside the box. Maybe multiple copies.

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I think it is pretty poor form for Zwift to expect someone to drop a trainer off at the courier and not arrange for it to be picked up given the size and weight of the item. What if someone doesn’t have a car?


Based off of that information, just look at the label(there should be some sort of branding on it indicating whether it is UPS, etc). Then, just type in UPS near me into google(ofc this would depend on whether it is UPS), and just drop it off.

Does the label have an RMA # on it, or some other identifier other than your name?

The email seems fairly reasonable to me.

I’d argue that most people purchasing a turbo trainer have the ability to take it to a drop off point so that’s why collection isn’t offered as standard.

I would imagine a phone call to the courier for those unable to do so would be beneficial.

Each time I’ve had to return my Neo I’ve taken it to the drop off point.

That said when it went for repair recently i paid the little extra to have it collected.

Cool. Got a photo of the label?

Thanks everyone for your help. Zwift replied late last night telling me to drop it off at DPD.

No longer the worst customer service you’ve ever seen?

I can certainly name worse.

What did it say on the label? We’re all on tenterhooks.

I can name much better too.

Making people take the trainer to a drop off point and not arranging collection for an item of this size is very poor in my opinion


I have never had a package picked up when I returned anything big or small.

Wahoo makes you take it to the UPS store too… but I believe they pick up the KickrBike, because it is so large.