Restore Purchase on ipads newest version of zwift

I renewed my subscription yesterday but I’m still being told I only have 9k left in my trail. I can’t find the restore subscriptions button anywhere in the new version of zwift

well it looks like if you use the iPhone app to log into zwift the restore purchase works just fine. Logged into the ipad and everything is working.

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Thanks for the help Mancil, this did it for me

Just to update this thread, the iPhone version has been updated so the above fix no longer works. however in the name of science I rode all 25k of the trial on my iPad and at the end the subscribe modal pops up and it had the option to restore my purchase and I’m up and running.

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I had this issue too. Contacted support, and in my frustration - anticipating a long response time - I asked for a refund from Apple (which I got). Support responded the same day, though, and fixed it for me. Now it seems I’m riding this month for free. A fix for this - having the restore purchase button brought back - would be helpful.

If you pay via the Zwift web site you should not experience these delays

Yes, but it cheaper through app store for some odd reason.

Had this issue today, for the first time in a long while. The Restore Purchase button needs to be added back ASAP!!!

@shooj @James_Zwift Please make this happen. It is very frustrating!

I posted about this earlier in another thread.

With the new UI you must use up the free trial 25km first (a pop-up will appear during your ride saying your trial is over but you can close that pop-up and finish your current ride going beyond the free 25km). After the free trial is over pop-up the next time you load Zwift you will get a pop-up on the home screen and only then will the Restore Purchases button be available (screenshot is in the link).

@_Harkoo1328 @Aoi_Niigaki thanks for the tip! This did allow me to actually do my full ride today.

@James_Zwift @shooj id still say this is a bug. First, while the ‘hack’ did work, it’s a bit disconcerting to not even know this is an option until you ride the 25k and get the pop-up. Second, once the pop-up shows up (at least on my iPad), there are a few options, and they are all packed together vertically, with the Restore Purchase option in the middle, making it very difficult to select. It would be much better to (a) put the Restore Purchase button back on the main screen or, at least, (b) orient the several options that show up at the end of the 25k trial horizontally, so that they are easier to select.

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