Restarted subscription via Apple Store but still 25km left

I wrote to support but the only option is to send email and who knows when they’ll respond back.

Why does Zwift punishing people whom uses Apple Store to start a subscription ?

Anyone has a suggestion to make the subscription active right away?

I am not able to get the service I paid for. Ridiculous !@#$

Using the Apple payment integration often results in renewal delays. Pay on the Zwift website to avoid that. Maybe you can get a refund from Apple?

Well I already paid over Apple and I want to keep paying over Apple. Anyway I believe support will provide a solution on Monday

But they need to find a permanent solution on that

It’s like this for years now

:100: True, but given the history and the number of people affected by it, I would expect continued problems for as long as you subscribe this way.

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