Resistance works with Bluetooth but not with ANT+ FE-C

Hello I have a question and would be much appreciated if you guys can give me a little help. I just bought Wahoo Kickr Core few days ago. When I used it connecting to my laptop using Bluetooth, playing Zwift, it worked perfectly. When I climbed up the hill, the Kickr Core has resistance just great.

However, when I used ANT+ FE-C, there is no resistance at all (I used usb cable with a ANT+ dongle connected from my laptop and put the dongle right under the KICKR CORE). I am a bit worried that is there something wrong with the trainer, doesnt resistance work with both ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth? Or it just works with Bluetooth only?

So my problem is, when I use ANT+ FE-C there is no resistance. But when I use Bluetooth there is resistance. Is it normal? How can I use ANT+ FE-C and has resistance?

Much appreciated in advance.

I am sorry for my bad English.

Hi @Pond_Osk121_ZTH, it should work with ant+ FEC too. I have a kickr core too and use ant+ on windows 10 and it works flawlessly.

AFAIK it is not working when using Android app - could it be the case?

Thanks @Mike_Rowe_PBR Hope I can know the solution soon. (My laptop is windows 10 latest firmware)

Are you sure you are pairing the trainer as a controllable?

@Milan_Rost I used only laptop windows 10 didn’t use my phone at all :frowning:

Yes I am sure

Do you have the Core paired to another device or app via Bluetooth at the same time as you’re trying to get it to work through ANT?

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@Fatty-Roo To think of it, yes I did. I also used my Garmin Edge 810 connected with Kickr Core as the same time as the laptop.

So what I did was connect Kickr Core with Garmin 810 and my laptop via ANT+ FE-C at the same time, and no resistance. Do you think it’s because I connected with Garmin 810 as well?

Thank you for your thought.

Technically you should be able to have both connected (why do you need both?), but maybe the 810 is grabbing the ant+ signal or causing interference. It’s worth a shot to power off the Garmin and try just the kickr with Zwift.

@Mike_Rowe_PBR I used both because Garmin 810 result can sync to my Endomondo while Zwift can’t. I still use Endomondo because I can see my total monthly calories burnt while other apps can’t (in free version as far as I know)

Thanks Mike I will bike on the Core soon and will use only my laptop connected by ANT+ FE-C, will not use Garmin 810 this time and will update the result.

I think some of the newer Garmin’s can control the trainer you may have to turn that function off in the Garmin.

@Mike_Rowe_PBR Just finished riding. Unfortunately It didn’t work. I turned off the 810 and only used my laptop connecting by ANT FE-C, still no resistance.

But what I found out more about it was that;

  1. When I used ANT+ FE-C, I was not able to calibrate the trainer it always failed(in Zwift). But when I used Bluetooth, I could calibrate the trainer.

  2. When I used the Bluetooth, which resistance works, I looked behind the blue light on the Kickr Core blinked fast. But when I used ANT+ FE-C, the blue light blinked slow. (I guess it was about reading the resistance signal?)

Therefore I would like to ask you that when you ride with ANT+ FE-C connected, does the blue light on the Kickr Core blink fast?

Thank you for your answer in advance.

(In short, my problem is that Bluetooth connection just works perfectly, but the ANT+ FE-C doesn’t give me the resistance.)
(I already tried forget the trainer in Wahoo app on my phone as well and it didn’t solve the problem)

@Gerrie_Delport ln my last ride I turned of the Garmin and the problem still existed. I appreciate your suggestion though.

It blinks, not sure if it is fast or slow. The red light stays on constant however when it is connected with ANT+. Do you have a red light too?

Can you post a screen shot of your pairing screen while connected and pedaling?

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This is a picture when I connect with ANT+ FE-C (tried turned off the cadence it still didnt help)

My red light stays on all the time, no matter it connects to anything or not. Meanwhile my red light never blinks even when connect with ANT+ FE-C.

This is a picture when I pedaled.

About the blue light. It blinks fast when I connect with the Bluetooth (resistance works), but when it’s slow it happens when nothing connects with the trainer yet.

It looks like everything is connected correctly. Cadence is built into the Kickr, I don’t think you can turn that off. My red light doesn’t blink either.

Also, use the Wahoo Utility app on your phone to calibrate and do a spin down, don’t use Zwift for that.

Just to be sure I understand correctly, when connected with ANT+ FEC and you go up a hill the resistance doesn’t change at all? It doesn’t feel harder?

What is your trainer difficulty set at? If at zero (all the way to the left) you will not feel any hills and resistance will not change, default is right in the middle (50%).

@Mike_Rowe_PBR First of all thank you so much for your willing to help.

No it doesn’t change at all with ANT+ FE-C, it changes only with Bluetooth.

About the calibrating thing I just wanted to give more info that with Bluetooth I can calibrate on Zwift, but with ANT+ FE-C I just can’t, so I was wondering whether this has something relating to my problem.

My trainer difficulty set is around 60% for Bluetooth and ANT+ FE-C, that’s why I could feel something is wrong.

Just to give more info about the blink thing -->

"Blue LED:

  • Blinks once per second when disconnected and advertising Bluetooth
  • Solid when connected via Bluetooth, blinks quickly during information transfers
  • Flashes quickly when connecting to a device via Bluetooth"

Have you checked to make sure the firmware is updated on the Kickr and have done a spindown with the Wahoo utility app?

What happens if you try it without the heart rate monitor? Just want to rule that out as causing some sort of interference.

What happens if you use ERG mode in a workout while connected with ANT+? Does it work, does the Kickr control the resistence?

Other than that, I’m stumped :man_shrugging:

@Mike_Rowe_PBR The Core is in latest firmware, and I just updated the latest to 1.0.13, went back to Zwift, still no resistance with ANT+ FE-C

Yes I did the spindown in Wahoo app on my android phone and it worked, connected by Bluetooth tho.

Haven’t tried without HRM, totally forgot about it. Will try tmr.

About the ERG, haven’t tried yet, so I will update again about the results of HRM thing and ERG thing tmr as here is almost midnight lol.

Thank you so much Mike, hope this can get fixed. Have a good day wherever you are!!