Resistance Super Hard at Start of Workout

I’m doing the 4 week FTB using an Elite Directo XR smart trainer. The trainer connects fine, but at the very start of my workout the resistance is so hard I can barely turn the pedals to get my avatar moving. After a massive struggle it eventually eases up and is fine for the rest of the ride, but takes well over a minute for the ERG to kick in and requires heaps of effort and energy. Why is this happening and how can I avoid it? Thank you.

turn ERG mode off at the start

Sounds like the spiral of death, are you spinning the pedals as the workout loads at the start or sitting stationary waiting?

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Have you done an FTP test to set your Functional Threshold Power close to what it should be? Take a look at how it’s set In your user profile of the game app. If the FTP number is really high - the game thinks you’re stronger than you actually are, and will start you out with too much resistance.

For the short term, you can manually bump down the FTP number by say 25% and see if that lowers the resistance to a manageable level. At some point, go into the Training section when you log in to the game, and do a ramp test or a longer FTP test to set this more accurately.

I know what you mean. Why it happen I don’t know it is new (about 6 to 10 months).
How to avoid it: don’t stop pedaling while selecting a workout.

Thank you. I’ll give that a try.

You might be right. I’m not peddling as the game loads. Sometimes I’m not even on the bike as the game loads. So that’s likely to be the problem.

Thank you. I think that’s key. You need to be peddling as the game loads.

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