Huge resistance from trainer in ERG mode

I’m sorry if this topic was highlighted already somewhere and I was not searching deep enough.
The problem is:
When I’m starting any workout (imported from TP or Zwift) immediately feel huge resistance from the trainer, I was not even able to complete my workout.
I was trying to re-install Zwift, but this didn’t help.
I was also trying to re-connect the trainer by turning it off and on, this was helping for the first 5-10 seconds, and then again the same problem.
Trainer: Elite Suito-T.
Platform: Windows.
Connection: Bluetooth.

I had a similar issue in the pen before an event that was a workout. ERG mode was so difficult that I left before the event started. It cycled between light resistance and impossible to move the pedals. Wahoo Kickr, tvOS, Bluetooth, Tower 26 event at 5:30AM ET.

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It could be the Spiral of Death. ERG increases/decreases trainer resistance in order to help you hold the target power. If you start decreasing your effort or cadence, the trainer will increase resistance to compensate. Typically this leads to a cycle of greater and greater resistance because it’s natural to want to push a lower cadence when you’re up against that much resistance, so your trainer keeps getting harder, so you decrease cadence… To get out of it, you just have to push high power until the resistance decreases.
Could it be that?

I finally solve this issue with the help of Zwift support.
Steps are:

  1. Upgrade trainer software.
  2. Make spinning calibration with trainer (not Zwift)
  3. Connect and reconnect trainer.
  4. Run calibration on Zwift if needed.
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