Resistance is not changing qith terrain - even if trainer difficulty is set to 100%

Hi - since a few days ago resistance is not changing with the terrain anymore… Checked the trainer difficulty and it was 50% - i tried changing to 100% but it has no effect? Has anyone experienced this and knows what to do?? Im on a Elite Direto connected to a PC,
BR Morten

Not sure if it helps, but make sure that in the pairing screen you select ‘Elite FE-C’ as the trainer. The same thing happened to me once, Zwift auto-selected the other option ‘Elite Direto’, or something similar, and I no longer had changing resistance. Also check the thread Elite Direto Not Changing Resistance

AHi George,

finally got to test it and you were rigth - when hooking up again as FE-C things worked again;

Thanks :slight_smile:

BR Morten