Direto X doesnt change resistance

My Direto X does not change resistance while cycling on hills in Waitopia or Amy otter place. It only adjusts the cycling speed but I do not need to gear down. The controllable, power and candans are all paired to the Direto FE-C sensor. I tried unpairing and plugging out the direto and restarting zwift lots of times but cant get it to work. Am I doing something wrong?

Same problem. Have you managed to fix it somehow?

Is the Trainer Difficulty set to zero?

My Direto X works fine with the newest version of Zwift with ANT+ FE-C on Win10.

Thanks for your reply, The trainer resistance is not set to zero. I contacted Elite and it seems the electronic board is malfunctioning. They will send me a new board so I can replace it.

Please give us a feedback if another board solved the problem.