Resistance inconsistent with training programs

Hi There, I’m using Zwift with a Mac running OS 11.1 and a Saris H3. I have tried the Build Me Up, Dirt Slayer and Grand Fondo training plans and none of them have been able to accurately adjust the resistance of my trainer. I had similar issues with he Gravel Grinder training program but lately they seem more persistent. I have not the opportunity lately to try training with an iOS device although I would prefer not to have to find a workaround. Riding in free ride mode is less inconsistent but still not great. Customer support has been totally absent and not responded to my requests for assistance. I have calibrated the trainer with the Saris app as well as with Zwift. I have turned all other bluetooth devices off and closed apps that may interfere. Has anybody else been having these issues? Is there a solution? Thanks for any help!