No resistance in free rides & drops during workouts

I am using the Saris H3 smart trainer. My bike has a 1 x 12 drivetrain.

Issue #1
Yesterday doing “The wringer” (I failed miserably :sweat_smile:) I coasted for a few seconds in the 10 min build-up/warm up to adjust the iPad displaying Zwift and the resistance went to zero. I was essentially left spinning between 0 and 50 watts until the 10 min was over, in which erg kicked in for the first interval. This happened again mid workout during a recovery segment at 130w. Once the next interval hits… it’s fine. This has happened in previous workouts as well.

Issue #2
Free rides have no resistance on my trainer. Like the issues above I can spin as fast as possible but get no watts. I can shift to the 12 gear and spin as hard as I can with no resistance and maybe hit 100w.

I am new to Zwift and the world if indoor cycling so very likely could be the way I have it set up. Is this a default in Zwift I need to adjust? On the H3 trainer?

Have you tried to set trainer difficulty to 100%.

Did you pair your trainer as power and controllable?

I will look into that… and honestly as a newbie I don’t know.

How do you check difficulty? The trainer is set up through Bluetooth. Should it also be controllable?