Saris H3 with backwards resistance issue

Have started using Zwift again after a 3 month or so break, however my resistance control seems to be inverted, so when going uphill the resistance is reduced and when going downhill it is increased.

I have tried re connecting the turbo, checked turbo software and firmware (all up to date) and calibrated too.

The Turbo is a Saris H3 and I am using an iMac, the turbo worked perfectly previously and has been fine on RGT and Trianerroad over the last few months.

Anyone have an answer or idea for this issue?

@Dave_Mercer_OPCC_BCS Have you been experimenting with ERG mode in workouts recently?

Or have you drastically reduced the Settings->Trainer difficulty slider?

Either of these could give an impression of less effort uphill and more effort downhill depending on what your body and legs are expecting based on what your eyes are seeing

Hi Clive,

Thanks for your reply.

I haven’t used ERG mode on Zwift at all since signing back up.
I’ve done a couple of races over the past few days and it is definitely working with less resistance uphill, for example there was next to no resistance on the climb on the Crit City Downtown Dolphin course yesterday and on the little climb out of the tunnel on the Champs Elysees.

@Dave_Mercer_OPCC_BCS Have the slider in Zwift->Settings for “Trainer Difficulty” been lowered, even if by a friend or family member that was fiddling around when you weren’t looking?

If so, stick it to maximum and see if some of the uphill resistance returns.

I tried that, no luck just makes the downhill harder to pedal…
and I’m the only,one who’s uses the computer and Zwift

Sorry to hear that, @Dave_Mercer_OPCC_BCS

If you have a USB extension cable, remove that.

Otherwise, the only thing I have remaining for you is to uninstall Zwift, then reinstall it, including the large download. It fixed a problem with Zwift reading my KICKR power, but not controlling the resistance.

Other members may have more ideas.