SARIS H3 and ERG Mode

I tried to search for this on the forum and I didn’t see my exact issue. I noticed this while doing an FTP test yesterday and a few weeks ago while doing Zwift Academy. Right after I got my H3, there was a bug fix that made the hills harder. Before that, I was sailing by others going uphill, which I should not have been. So I thought all of the issues resolved until I started doing workouts. I have noticed that I start in ERG mode and most of the time, I let Zwift default to whatever route it picks. Last night it picked Duchy Estate. The resistance in ERG mode still changes with the elevation on the route. So going uphill I could barely pedal and then going downhill there would be no resistance, which in ERG mode, that should not happen. Last night I ran Zwift on my Samsung S9+. I also use a PC and the same issue happens on it.