Saris H3 Training ERG and too Heavy resistance

In ERG Mode I have very hard pedaling. i am pushing my pedals at about 40 RPM in the small ring doing 245 watts on flats.

This may be just how erg works. Push hard and pedal faster, erg should keep the same power regardless of cadence, regardless of gear.

Or it may be a bug. Seems to be lots of issues with saris h3 on the forums but I thought they were solved in the update.

Hi @Omaru_Tariq

Shuji from Zwift HQ here. The game version 1.0.51298 fixed a bug that specifically affected the Saris H3 in ERG mode. Looking at your server logs, you’ve been using that version since June 4 when you did a workout called Gran Fondo Week 1 Introductory Intervals. Is this when you noticed noticed this problem?

If I can make an observation without knowing your abilities on the bike? 245 watts is pretty high target wattage for a Week 1 Introductory workout. Because workouts are based on a percentage of the Functional Threshold Power number in your profile, I’m wondering if your FTP number is set too high?

This was the case for me when I first started Zwifting, and the game assigned me an FTP number (300-something) that was way too high for my actual abilities. The very first workout I tried? I couldn’t even get the pedals turning

I also see that you’re level 18. How familiar are you with structured workouts in Zwift, and using ERG mode more specifically? If they’re somewhat new to you - it is possible that everything is working as it should and your too-high FTP number is what’s making it difficult to turn the pedals over.