FTP Ramp Test - ERG didn't scale properly

Hi! So the test was working normally up until about 260-280w where the power/resistance stopped increasing. Companion app showed ERG was still enabled and all and I’m really confused. Any help?

Hi @Dan_Carazo thanks for your submission! I’m Norman from Zwift.

Sorry to hear about the issues with ERM Mode, let’s try some basic troubleshooting if you haven’t already! First, make sure that you have the latest firmware version on your trainer, you can use this article as a guide.

While you have your trainer paired with the app, you should also perform a spindown calibration, it’s important to know that the calibration is stored on the trainer’s memory, so once you pair back to Zwift, you shouldn’t calibrate in the Zwift App, is always optimal to have the calibration from the manufacturer.

If issues persist, you can always contact us!

Hi! Trainer firmware is up to date. Can you elaborate on the spin down calibration?

I’m not sure if this troubleshooting will fix it or if it was just a glitch, because ERG was working properly during the FTP ramp and I could feel the increase in resistance every 60 seconds but then I’m not sure what happened after 260ish watts

It happened again… I’m really sick of this platform. Someone please help before I turn into a runner.

After 300watts it just seems to give up. I’m wondering if it’s because my cadence is dropping? Though this shouldn’t be happening.

@Norman please see above

Check the spec of your turbo, the original Elite Direto had ERG power matching ranges for a given gear combo at a given cadence.

Generally, small chainring with middle of cassette is a safe combo for ERG, on my old Direto that covered approx 85-485W iirc. No idea on my newer Saris H3, but I’ve done very little ERG with it due to long covid.

Interesting, do you know where I can find this info for a Tacx Neo 2T? I never thought of this, I have to double check but I believe I’m on the small chainring and largest/easiest casset

Change to somewhere around the middle of your cassette with a straight chaiinline. And keep iit there, don’t change gears in ERG mode.


No idea on Neo spec, sorry.

But using biggest sprocket could well be your problem, you could test this by doing any workout that goes above your limits in recent workouts and switching to a sprocket in the middle.

Thanks all! Being in the easiest chain configuration was the problem. :blush: