Ramp test issue

Hi guys and girls

I performed the ramp test a couple of days ago and looking at my results after my power outputs weren’t stepped like expected but they were constantly spiking and falling and looked nothing like other ramp test results I had seen.

Is this a communication error between my turbo and Zwift or is it purely a turbo error?

I’m using an Elite Zumo turbo and Zwift is version 1.0.5159.

Thanks in advance


Was erg mode on?

Yes ERG was on.

Your ramp tests look as spiky as the other workouts I see on your activity list. I’d assume it was your trainer. Have you ever have it nice as smoothish?

No it’s always been very spikey.

It might be dodgy or it might be standard for that particular model. I know people with elite’s direto don’t get a particularly flat line.

If you want to rule out zwift then try another program or app on a trial trial.

I’ve had discussions with Elite and apparently this is normal due to the “high performance algorithm” the Zumo has.
The Zumo is highly accurate in its power readings and works out the power put down through each pedal.

I’m not so convinced but will see how it goes.