Resistance is not working on iOS devices

My trainer is a Cycleops Magnus trainer. Recently I can do a ride and the resistance never changes until you get to about a 7 or 8% grade. Most of the time its like you are riding on a flat road. Have updated firmware, app, iPad, etc. Calibrated it using the saris app. When I use the saris app, it changes resistance just not when on Zwift. When we hook up to zwift, everything turns blue and is connected. It is also connected to the correct trainer as the number on the trainer matches the number showing connected in zwift. The percentage power in the zwift app was set to 50% and now I have turned it up to 100%. Looking for any ideas to get this issue resolved

Hi @T.T_Greg_Boettger welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Was this for your ride today on Lutece Express, or is it a constant issue?

What I’m seeing in the server logs about today’s ride is that you logged into the game from an iPhone earlier in the day. You then logged in to an iPad without logging out of that iPhone session first. When you have two sessions open concurrently, it can show up with a range of symptoms on your end.

Those using iOS / Android / Apple TV - please make sure you force close the game app. Don’t just swipe the app into the background as this doesn’t terminate it fully.

Would you make sure to force-close Zwift on every device, wait 2 minutes, and log in fresh? Please let us know if that solved it for you?

Todays ride actually somewhat worked. The hills were not as hard as they had been in the past even we I turned up the percentage to 100%. Also. I run two trainers at the same time. My trainer works fine like it always has. My girlfriends trainer right next to me is the one with the issue. It worked great until we calibrated it about 2 weeks ago with the saris app. When we were having issues about a week ago, I turned off every device that had the Zwift app on it and still had the same results.

Greg Boettger

my ride still have problem with resistance- stuck on 21w at 8rpm no matter how mad I pedal, this is starting to be frustrating. the days of good old ride having no issues are gone.

Hi @T.T_Greg_Boettger

I noticed that you wrote in to our support team regarding this issue, so we’ll continue to work with you via email. Thanks!

Hi Richard @Richard_Danao8889 ,

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Sounds like you’re having a tough time with resistance as well and I get how that can be frustrating.

I had a quick look at your account and it seems you’re using a different trainer (e.g. Tacx Vortex) compared to the Saris trainer being used by Greg, who originally posted about resistance issues on this thread.

Also, your issue doesn’t sound the same, but can you provide us with more details? For example, when does the trainer get stuck at 21w and 8 RPM? Does this happen randomly or only during specific circumstances? Does the issue only happen on certain routes or worlds?

What have you done to troubleshoot the issue thus far? Have you calibrated your Tacx Vortex and updated the firmware? When did the issue start? Was it something that started happening recently or has it been a while?

Have you considered writing in to our tech support team for help? We’re happy to take a closer look at your account and feel free to send us a support request here.