Resistance difficulties

Hi.I have been having problems recently with incorrect resistance on Zwift.Firstly on the same 600m patch on Neon flats.On every lap the resistance is as such that I spin out totally for mentioned section.Really little resistance even though on 0% incline.Then tonight I experienced similar but the opposite on London flats whereby after the escalator climb the resistance stays crazy high even after the climb.I found that only when there is another elevation change the resistance reverts to normal levels.Is this a glitch or something wrong with my Kickr/ software?Any help will be appreciated.Thanks

Hi @Jaco_Karg6092, it sounds like an issue with the Kickr or some sort of signal interference. My first suggestion is to run the log file from your recent ride through to see if there are signal issues. Hopefully you are using a device for Zwift that allows you to access the log files.

2nd suggestion would be to power everything off, wait a few minutes, turn back on. Do a spindown using the Wahoo app, then force close the wahoo app before starting up Zwift and see if it persists.

Thanks mate.I also initially thought it might be a signal issue but what I find strange is that when spinning out it kept happening on exactly the same section during my loops.Either way follow your advice.Much appreciated!