Resistance Differences PC vs AppleTV


I’ve been using an Elite Direto trainer with Zwift on an Apple TV for some time.

I decided to upgrade my setup to a PC with a decent graphics card.

When I started riding on the PC I noticed that the resistance seemed significantly more difficult.  Also the difficulty does not seem to match very well up with the climbs.

I’ve tried calibrating the Direto using the Elite myETraining app.

I’ve tried adjusting the “Trainer Difficulty” setting all the way down to Off.

The AppleTV connected via Bluetooth and the PC uses ANT+.

Is there anything else I can do to configure the resistance and improve the synchronization for the climbs?



Are there any firmware updates for your trainer Alan?

There doesn’t appear to be any firmware updates available.

I looked on the Elite web site and didn’t find anything.

The myETraining app reports version 3.6.2(199).