Elite Direto with apple TV

I am currently using the elite direto (version 2019) with a PC and ANT+ and it works very well. Unfortunately I only have one Computer at my home and I have to move my tower for every ride. So I decide to upgrade and buy me something for Zwift-only usage. I directly thought about the apple tv because it is the cheapest / good quality solution.
Can anyone give me a feedback on how well the elite direto works with the apple tv (4k)? Searching on the forum several issues using the bluetooth connection are mentionned. Are they solved? Does is works well now?
I only have one additional heart strap so that the bluettoth limitation is no issue for me.

Thanks for your feedback

Ride On!



Based on his comment in the thread below, I would try messaging @Salmon_Chaser directly:

Hi Pas

I use Direto with Apple TV 4K and it works very well. The only thing I had to change was to buy a Bluetooth HR strap so that the Apple TV could detect my heartrate. Other than that it is perfect! :slight_smile:

Hi Robert
thank you for your reply. I think I will give it a try!

Ride on!

I have the same setup. It works pretty well. Sometimes the Cadence number is not very accurate, which sometimes effects workout modes.
But it works well overall.