Elite Direto x AppleTV = Intermittent gradient resistance

I’ve recently started using an AppleTV to ride zwift in my garage. On some occasions, the gradient in the world I am riding is felt as it adjusts on the Elite direto trainer, but then on the next ride there is no adjustment in the resistance as the gradient changes. For example, there is no change in resistance felt from the trainer as the road ramps up or down from 0% to -10% or 10%.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why it works with one ride and not for another. I’ve had the issue occur in a range of worlds, with it also working fine on another ride in the same world. I’ve also done the calibrating soon down too. I’ve also downloaded the Elite Upgrade app, to ensure the trainer is up to date. Each time, whether it works fine or not, the trainer difficulty is set to max.

Anyone experienced similar? Or can point me in the direction of the fix.


Hi, I’m relatively new and also use an Elite Direto XR.
On the “PAIRED DEVICES” page that first pops up, under “CONTROLLABLE”, I randomly see one of two options. The first is Elite FE-C followed by a number, and the second thing that I sometimes see is an option for “Elite Real Trainer”. Only the first option (FE-C) allows Zwift to control resistance. Whenever I choose “Real Trainer” I end up spinning out with little or no resistance. I hope this helps.

I’m have the same setup (Elite Direto a few years old) and AppleTV. All been working fine until last update. Randomly the resistance will fail. It’s a bugger as I have an Everest Challenge this week with friends. I have my TD set around 50% as I have an old 10sp with standard gearing - pushing 30rpm up ADZ is not an option!