Resistance connection troubles!

Hi we have a Nero Sports Bluetooth Upright Exercise Bike Indoor Studio Cycles Aerobic Training Fitness Cardio Bike and it is not reading the resistance when using Zwift. What do i need to add to the bike to make it register the resistance?

I know I need a power meter but how does it work before I spend the money on it?

You would need a Smart Trainer or a Supported indoor bike for it to automatically adjust the resistance based on virtual elevation changes.

A power meter also will not automatically adjust resistance, it just broadcast your watts.

Please read this:

Hi Paul, thanks for the fast response. All I was after is the correct Wattage being read, so I understand the resistance will be manual.

So I understand a little more the power meter (depending on what one bought) will form part of the pedal cranks? My only other question then is how does the meter know i have added or taken away resistance?

I cant keep trying to keep up 150+ cadence just to get close to the training modes :slight_smile:

Many Thanks

It doesn’t, it just knows the amount of force you are applying with is displayed and broadcast in watts.

This is just an example: So if you are pedaling at 90 RPM and doing 150 watts and then add more resistance and you are still doing 90 RPM you will be doing more watts.

Yep understand if i add more resistance @90 rpm the watts will it show higher Watts on Zwift also?

Sorry if i am going about this the long way and sounding thick, just want to be 100% sure before i spend out on a power meter.

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

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