Resistance not working outside of workouts

Hi. Totally new to zwift.
Im having problems with not being able to control resistance outside of workouts.
Initally i only had the power source selected and wondered why i had to manually adjust resistance when doing an interval workout.
Now, i have connected all of the other options and it auto adjusts for me, however in free ride i get nothing. I just pedal with the same resistance and nothing will adjust despite my bike saying its increasing on the LCD display.
Also if i turn off ERG in the workout this does not work.
Any help appreciated.
Using reebok FR30 sprint bike and zwift on my phone Samsung galaxy a54, latest version of android.

That bike is not on Zwift’s list of compatible indoor bikes. It’s common for bike manufacturers to make claims about Zwift compatibility but in reality there are problems and Zwift doesn’t say it will work.

A lot of people who have random spin bikes end up using the QZ app as a bridge to pair their bike to Zwift. The developer, @Roberto_Viola, is active on this forum and will help you get it set up if you want to try that. The app has a lot of different settings that apply to different types of equipment.

Your other options are to contact the bike manufacturer or Zwift support.

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qz developer here! let me know if you have any questions! (i’m going to bed now, italy here)

Well thats a bit sneaky of them claiming it works!
Ive been doing some testing and it seems that the heart rate monitor in the bike is stopping the manual adjustment of the resistance. Seems odd but it works when that is turned off. Ive managed to broadcast the heart rate from my garmin watch and this will be fine i think.

Thanks for the help and ill get in touch if i need some assistance with the other app.