Setting resistance of initial setup

(anon62560438) #1

Hi to all,

I’ve a question!!! In my first ride, I’ve received a warning for my watt. They was lot. How setting the resistance and later work by bike for next ride?
Thanks a lot

(Paul) #2

It depends on the trainer.

Can you let us know what trainer and we might be able to assist you in getting it to work better within Zwift.

(anon62560438) #3

Hi Paul,
Sorry, I don’t have write the trainer model, it’s Élite Power Mag.
What resistance is correct for it?

Thanks for your help.

(Chris) #4

Does that trainer not transmit power data? can you just pair it as a power meter?

(Paul) #5

What trainer are you selecting in the paring screen?

(anon62560438) #6

I don’t remember the name, but I’ve associated the Misuro B+ sensor.
My trainer isn’t interactive, it’s a basic home trainer.